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I’m Gia.

I’m socially awkward, but great with words.

Copywriter - B2B content marketing - Tech & Office Automation




I started my professional career when I was 15, in the office at my mother’s law firm. When I wasn’t busy being a miscreant at school, I was answering the phone in my best monotonous drawl; ordering office supplies; and attending to emails.



Since then, I’ve worked across a many industries in varying capacities, and I’ve been in I.T. and Office Automation since 2009.



I have worked with suppliers; business owners; the entire management hierarchy; and customers.



As a result, my email game is strong. I have industry knowledge regarding business processes, structures and pain points of every kind of company and government department that uses technology to conduct business. (Yeah, that’s right – I’m a catch!) 


It’s not only what you say, but how you say it that determines whether your tech is in demand. There is a surplus of options, and a limited attention span to sift through all that noise. So – what makes you stand out? 


I know how to connect and engage through written communication. 


Because your tech assists in creating an efficient and professional office environment, make sure your marketing reflects that.


 High Energy Music

Hitech, metal, classical – anything that moves.

PC Gaming

Looove Diablo 3. I’m useless on console games. Zero neural pathways mapped.


Fantasy, Sci-fi. Horror. 

Favourites include: J.R.R. Tolkien; H.P. Lovecraft; Oscar Wilde; Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman; Thomas Harris; Patrick Rothfuss.


Is life! Best brewed in a mocha pot. Lots of milk, no sugar.


We live on paradise planet, bursting with bizarre and beautiful things. I want to experience them all.